Saturday, September 26, 2009

What Baby?

This has been a Ronan dominated blog for close to two years (if you include me whining about the pregnancy) and he has been excluded from the last batch of posts.

No, I did not give him away.

This is Ronan last late September. Doesn't it make you baby hungry? Me too.

Now if we can only convince Daddy.

What do you think?

Hey, I love this giveaway party we are having. I want to do more. If you have a business to promote and want us to feature you next, let me know. Donated prizes are always welcome. I want to promote handmade and homegrown, women owned businesses.

Don't forget to enter here.

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Heather said...

I know someone awesome who makes her own soap and other things! *Hint Hint Steph!* Ronan is so cute!!! He makes even me baby hungry and I know I am not having any more. But I would love to have a little girl...