Friday, September 25, 2009

More Grease!

Wow, everybody! I am so loving the give away!

You are all so fun!

If you have not entered, don't be silly. Enter the dang contest. Yeah, I am talking to you.


So I asked for Greasy on the last post, and I left out one of my greasiest moments. What the heck!?

I am a garbage can overfill-er. My street garbage can if brimming with stuff every week. We are talking overflowing. Before you go green on me let me just say that 80% of it is grass clippings or tree branches. My yard is sick. I have a 70 year old house and the yard has been neglected for about that long. I am too lazy to order a green waste bin from the city. So I am the jerk with the garbage piled super high every trash day.

The garbage man HATES me. I mean it. I really don't blame him. If I happen to see him I get dirty looks. He is not careful about my overflowing can either and leaves a ton of crap on the street. I know if he like me the can would empty into his truck a little easier.

So a few months ago I pulled the ultimate grease. Shame. Horrible. Greasy.

The garbage man was pulling up and dumping my can with the usual hatred when some fell on the street. Because I was standing there, putting my kid in the car he felt like he should hop out and attend to his mess. Here is where the grease comes in.

"Oh, thank you sooooo much for picking that up. She is really old and has trouble cleaning up her garbage off the street. " I said as I thumbed in the direction of my house. "Bless your heart!"

Yes. I lied. I implied that a little old lady, probably my decrepit grandmother lived in what is really my house. So shameful. Yet, effective.

I try to make my garbage easy to dump, but from that day forward there hasn't been a problem.

Karma is going to whoop my butt! Unless karma chooses to see that I sort of saved my neighbors from litter blowing in their yards?

Oh, and can I just send a big hug to Boojiboo? I let them know about our little giveaway and the darlings said they would donate the prize! Such kind, cozy, talented, people!

If you don't win, you simply must go pick up an apron anyway. I couldn't wait for the contest to end so I ordered mine today. I picked this one:

I love me some skulls. Gotta keep my edge even through the baby drool, right? I mean I am married to a rock drummer. Gotta look the part.

I am addicted you know, and
Boojiboo seems like they know how to make an apron flatter a slime covered momma's hot bod better than anybody else!

Visit them here. And maybe if you pick one up you could tell them you read about their hot aprons on my little 'ol blog? Yes?

Oh you readers are so kind.

Maybe this give away will make up for my bad trash can lie. Maybe.

3 people had this to say...:

milk with tea said...

You're too funny! Love your writing!

johanna said...

that garbage can story is too funny and i must say our garbage man hates me as well... i <3 the apron you ordered that is my absolute favorite! yay for bojiboo that is really kind of them! also, <3 your blog rach yep i think thats it :)

I am so blessed! said...

OOOHHHH, I LOVE that apron!! Skulls are my absolute fav!!