Saturday, October 17, 2009

Less is More?

My stylist told me that less is more. The shorter the hair, the thicker it looks. So we went shorter. It may look like the same old thing to you guys but it looks better and more fun to me. My hair girl is really good.

It is so dang hard to take a picture of myself. I hate doing it.

I am a 26 year old Momma. I guess I am not really old, but I am hardly a hip teen anymore either.

Question 1:

Can I pull of this hip trend?

Question 2:

Can I pull it off without looking like I am trying to be 19?

I feel a little aerobic. 1980's aerobic.

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7 people had this to say...:

Jennica said...

Love, love, love it!!!

Lisa said...

I just love you to death. You can wear, say, do, and act any way you want and you're still going to be beautiful and great at everything thing you do. Your personality is addictive and people can't help but feel good when they are around you (or reading about you on facebook)

Violet said...

I am a big fan of the headbands. Maybe if you pulled it up a little more or pulled your bangs down under the part on your forehead, you'd like it more? Want me to take a picture and show you what I'm talking about? Love youuu! <3

Kimi said...

I think you could pull it off. Although, I am not they best style expert.I was never the hip teenager even as a teenager.

Personal opinion is that it looks smokin' hot on you, like eveything else you do. :)

Kimi said...

last thought..
scrolling down a little I noticed that they all have a little bang in the headband. Maybe you would feel a little less aerobic instructor-ish if you pulled some bang in, but definetly leave the whispys on the side

(I could use a spell checker)

Anonymous said...

It really reminds me of my aerobics days when you were a baby.

Rhiannon said...

and as a 19-year-old... i give you permission.