Monday, October 19, 2009

Look at my Cute Kid!

We had a little spur of the moment photo shoot in some downtown Provo neighborhood today. The old parts of town have the best fall trees. I am determined to put a maple in my yard next spring.
The leaves were perfect and John is a pretty good photographer too!
Now, behold the cute-ness of our baby! We should make another one just like him!
Halloween shirt provided by Nana. Thanks Nana!

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Shaunika said...

OMGosh! Love the pictures! I love the nice weather here in CA, but I miss having seasons with things like awesome leaves!

Anonymous said...

Great colors, love this boy!

Amy said...

oh my- cute, cute, and cute!!!

Jacky said...

Oh, oh, oh! Rachel, I looove these pictures! The leaves, the colors, the adorable baby and 2 fabulous's all fabulous! Thanks for sharing these with us! =)

Anonymous said...

Just showed these to one of my teacher friends. She says Ronan looks just like me, except for the bald head. She gave John credit for that! Ha!

I am so blessed! said...