Thursday, October 22, 2009

Eat that Anthropology!

I want this cardigan from Anthropology.

But who in the blasted hell has $98.00 to spend on a sweater? I don't.

If you do, you can mail me one too.


Go to Target and look for this $19.00 cardigan. They seem to be running out online but I saw plenty in the stores.

I headed over to Joanne Fabrics and scores some supplies.

Double sided iron on tape in 5/8" for $2.32
Super cute ribbon in 5/8" for $3.95
12 Washable buttons $2.00

I got home, and got side tracked making dinner for this cute Muppet. He enjoyed playing in the refrigerator.

He likes to take all of the jars and bottles out of the door, inspect them, then stack them in doorway of the fridge. Whatever keeps him busy.

When he was eating I got down to business.
First, pop off all of the buttons.

Place your ribbon to get an idea of home much you will need.

Then iron your fusible web to the back of the ribbon.

Next cut and iron the pieces on. Use a little of that fray stopper gunk on the raw ribbon edges. My ribbon came with stitching on it.

I did not stitch that on myself. It just looks like I did.

Lastly, sew your buttons on.


Anthropology knock off for $28.26 plus tax and about a half hour of work.

Love it.

7 people had this to say...:

Anonymous said...

Make your mommy one, miss crafty!

Casie said...

Awesome work! I love it!

SprinkleBakes said...

Nice! I'm a DIY girl myself and LOVE this idea.


Amy said...

It looks sooo good. you're so crafty and geniusy!

Cathleen said...

Hey, cute!!!! Very clever. :)

Lindsay Marriott said...

Mmmmmmm. I crave everything Anthropologie. This is pure brilliance.

Anonymous said...

You are my creative hero! Love, Janet