Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ronan Got a Flu Shot

Ronan got his flu shot. He was not happy about it. But he was happy about the sticker.

PS- That is dirt and water on his knee. It looks gross but it really isn't.

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Stef Titone said...

OK Rachel, I gotta tell you. All of Ronan's pictures are adorable, but that one of him standing there showing his sticker is so damn cute I can hardly stand it. He looks like a tiny adult. I love it!

Also...the dirt and water, you are so cute. I didn't even notice it. Honestly, who would have said anything about that anyway? If they would have they are jerks and you should block them. Sorry for being so blunt, but eh, it's me...hopefully you understand! :)

Rachel said...

thanks, you are too funny. he was so proud of that sticker!
i love you being blunt. it is what makes you rock! block the nay sayers!

Anonymous said...

I will buy you a whole pack of stickers my little man, and we will stick them all over you!!!