Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Goodbye Morning Nap

My baby has been waking up at 5:45 for what seems like forever. He wakes up angry and starving. I try to pack him full of food right before bed time. Something hearty that will stick to his ribs like glue. I have been feeding him as much thick oatmeal with bananas right before bed as possible. It moved wakeing up to 6:30
Not good enough for me. I am lazy. I want to sleep until 8:00. Even 7:30 would be amazing. Wait, that is not lazy! Right?

When John got home he suggested we try lactose free whole milk to go in his bedtime bottle.

Guess what. This morning Ronan slept until 8:30.

It was amazing.

I woke up because my body reached "full" on it's sleep tank. Not because a baby screamed.

I was truly done sleeping.

Instead of being thrilled, I freaked out.

My baby must be passed out or dead.

I looked at the monitor. Everything looked okay.

I slowly cracked open his door. His back was going up and down in a normal breathing pattern. I checked his forehead. No fever.


Puzzled, I ventured to at least start a shower before my luck ran out. I fully expected to be interrupted just as my hair was all soapy by a baby tantrum.

Not a peep.

I took a shower. Alone. No audience. (Don't think I am creepy. I have to keep to door open to see what Ronan is up to. Doesn't everybody? I mean unless you want to find your kid dead when you come out of the bathroom? Plus, who's kid actually lets them go anywere alone without a tantrum?)

Holy crap. What did I do to deserve such glory?

Thank you Daddy. Thank you Lactaid for making lactose free whole milk. Thank you Ronan for letting me take a shower without you banging on the glass doors.

There is no longer a need for a morning nap. I will gladly trade. This routine feels much better.
Oh please let it continue. Pretty please.

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2 people had this to say...:

Anonymous said...

Have you tried givnig him soy or almond milk? Maybe you could do a test run!

Hell yes for alone-time showers and full sleeptanks!

milk with tea said...

I'm really intrigued about the Google Follower thing...what does it do? (and I thought I knew everything about Google gadgets!)