Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dog Food, Not for Toddler Consuption

Dear Readers,

I don't want you to turn me into CPS for this story. If I share, do you promise not to call us in? Thanks.

Yesterday I returned from a few hours taking photos and decided to take Ronan and Auntie Stink over to Target for a new Ronan toothbrush, among other things.

Ronan was quite fussy during our visit. That is unusual for him.

We were sulking around the jewelry when all of a sudden Ronan started to "recycle" his bottle. All over himself, the cart and the carpet. You know what I mean when I say "recycle".

I immediately took up my position at Momma barf central command. That means I cupped one hand under his little chin and used to other one to gently tilt him forward. He has a tendency to lean back which leads to the potential of chocking on his recyclables.

My sister dutifully grabbed wet wipes and the plastic bag out of my purse. The handy "just in case of barf" shopping bag that I learned to keep around a few weeks ago in the car.

People just kept shopping around us. Practically pushing us out of their way. I was stunned. Here we were catching barf and several unconcerned ladies were shoving past us to get to the earrings. If it were me, I would give the Momma a sympathetic smile, then run the other way, but whatever.

As the Momma I get the prized chore of checking out the recycled food to see what caused the problem. New food allergy? No.

What at first looked like pinto beans became obviously dog kibble upon further inspection. Lots of dog kibble. Lots of swallowed whole, dog kibble.

Momma doesn't leave dog food out when Ronan is around for fear of this very situation.

Apparently Daddy did.

When we got home Ronan and I smelled horrible. We smelled like barf. Dog food sour milk barf. We were both covered. I had to strip Ronan down to his onesie in Target and bag it. All the barfy wet wipes and clothes rode home with us.

Daddy penitently filled the tub. Ronan peed on Mommies already barfy outfit.
And Ronan had no toothbrush for his post barf breath because we had to leave before getting one.

It was a real treat for us. Not to mention the Target employees.

Note to Daddy: Don't leave to dog food out. I don't deserve that. Neither does Target.


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4 people had this to say...:

mom said...

I did it. Trying to convince Meg.

Stef Titone said...

Okay, that was awesome! I know just how you felt getting peed on while covered in barf... day, one glorious day, we will miss baby body juices on our clothes. We will, they say we will, and I believe them. hahaha...(sorry, I can't stop laughing)

Merrill family said...

ok you got me! now you are one closer to your give aways I love them too!

Amy said...

oh no... i'm sorry but i totally laughed even though I felt so sad for you! I can't believe those ladies were pushin past... how rude!