Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mari's Wedding

My cousin Mari, got Mari-ed (hahahaha) this weekend.
I don't have a ton of pictures of Mari and Keith because it is bad manners to step on the hired photographers toes like that.
I have some, but the narcissistic mother in me took mostly pictures of Ronan.
Did you expect to see pictures of other people on here?
Haven't you noticed that this has turned into Ronan picture central?
Here we go...

I have been wondering where Ronan got his eye color and what color it is exactly. When I saw this picture, it was obvious that he has exactly the same eye color as his Nana.

Ronan took up position in his stroller next to the gift table so he could keep a wary eye on the card box inevitably stuffed with cash. He distracted any possible wedding robbers with his amazing cuteness.

Ronan looks just like me in these pictures. It is the smile, I think. The big cheeky grin that scrunches up little bags of chub under his eyes.

He also had a good view of the candy bar and beckoned for M&M's all night.

The food was beautiful and super yummy too. So yummy that Ronan decided to wear some of it.

Careful Cory and Cassie...too much of that equals one of these.

Ronan and I had a bit of a Tango.

Then he decided to crawl around and get dirty. Formal wear is just impractical for babies.

Ronan's new best friend and soon to be favorite relative gave him some slushy. He had a great time flicking it off his straw and on to Cassie, who just laughed.

Here he is getting high on sugar. He stayed up until 10:00pm, wiggling and chatting at one hundred miles an hour.
It was a great event. I love Keith, Cassie, and of course Cory, Hillary, Mari and Karl. Real cozy folks who I am glad belong to me as family.

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Anonymous said...

Nice tie!! :) See real men do wear pink. Very Cute!


Anonymous said...

You are so awesome...great mommy, fun niece, and amazing artist. Thanks so much for the photos, I want to make up a book of your work remember. Thanks for all your help at the wedding. I can't wait to see you and Ronan again soon.