Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Got the Car Detailed

I threw up all over myself and my car on Monday.
There was a line of traffic behind me, the light turned green and I was barfing in a paper bag. The paper bag's bottom fell out and soggy paper bag and barf covered me, my seat, the passenger seat and the center console.
The sound of Mommy barfing freaked out the baby who started to bawl while cars honked at me for not going when the light was green.
I got my car detailed yesterday.
$90.00, but worth every penny.
Now I keep a plastic mixing bowl in the car. A barf bowl.
Always be prepared.

**No, I am not pregnant. That would be hard to explain with John out of town...

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Violet said...


It's all about the gallon ziplocks.

Hope you'e feeling better, my love. <3