Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dear Provo Blog Moms-

It has come to my attention that there is a bit of a clique in the blogging world. Well, the small blogging community of the LDS blog Mom. Mostly the LDS blog Mom's of Provo.

I have been blogging for a few years, and my readership has expanded from 2 or 3 family members to a little more than that. But that is not why I blog. I blog for fun. I blog because it keeps me in touch with the people I love and gives me an outlet where I can be myself and have a little fun.

In my blog wanderings/stalkings (Come on, we all "blog stalk", you are doing it now if we have never met. But I don't mind at all. In fact it is perfectly normal. Thanks for reading.) I have noticed a trend. There seems to be a blog clique. A group of chicks who started off blogging for family and fun and gathered a number of readers. These chicks then became aware of their reader roster and morphed into something more unpleasant.

There seems to be a number of afflicted blog Mommas in Provo especially.

Ladies who were once cozy and cute have turned into self appointed Provo celebrities. These are the gals who avert their eyes when recognized by another "annoying reader" on the street, then blog about how hard it is to be noticed in public.

Oh please.

Just because you are crafty, have cute kids and make a few dollars on the side with ads on your blog (or maybe even more than a few dollars) doesn't make you a celebrity. And acting like one makes you tiresome. Blogging about it makes it even worse.

So to all you ladies, you know who you are, I hope I never act that childish. And I hope you girls have a glass of humility and get back to being the ladies your vast readership originally fell in love with. Or I fear your readers will look elsewhere for entertainment.

And remember, it's a big world out there. A lot bigger than the world of the Provo Blog Momma.


* Post Script.
This was not written about anyone I know personally. This person, and other bloggers like her openly brags about their coolness and "celebrity status" via their blog and they are not kidding. I would link you to these blogs but I don't want to add to their blog traffic so I won't.
To all of you sweet Momma and Non-Momma bloggers, if you are wondering if this was about you, it is not.
Love and kisses.

6 people had this to say...:

Merrill family said...

You know I love reading all about your happenings! You crack me up! Please keep blogging it keeps me awake till late, while waiting for a 14 yr old returning from the dances....

Violet said...

Oh burn!

I adore you even more. <3

Marce said...

ouch- maybe this is me??
i do not know,
but i loved coming back (after a long hiatus from blog stalking) to read your thoughts! your little dude is adorable, you are hilarious to read about, and your photog skills are impressive! keep up the blogging- love love love it!

Anonymous said...

So you read it too huh? It was pretty arrogant. I see you removed the link. By the way, I love your blog, esp. the pics.
See you soon,

Rachel said...

Marce! It is sooooo not you! You are a cozy and sweet little momma!!! I was talking about c jane and some other bloggers like her. used to love her but not so much these days.
but you and little e, i love!

Candace said...

AMEN! I think it all comes down to a sister duo who I thought I liked... but lately I can't tolerate them. And there are others.

*Rach, next time you see me please don't stare.* Ewww, who says that?