Saturday, July 25, 2009

Things I Should Have Blogged...

Lets go back in time, shall we? Here are a few things I should have blogged, but I had fallen off the Blogger wagon.
Let's see, what have you missed?
Ah. Ronan's first ice cream cone. I got him a soft serve from McDonald's. It was going to be messy so we stripped him and chucked him and the ice cream in kiddie pool pre swimming.
He loved the ice cream. This is his famous "ooohhhh" face, reserved only very intensely cool things. No pun intended.
After the treat and swim, it was bath time. Post bath Ronan was being very serious. He would not break this face for anything.

What else?
Well, I got crafty and made this cozy cushion and pillow set for my classic Radio Flyer that now belongs to Ronan. He looks like a little Emperor lounging in it, snacks and all.
I got this wagon when I was about 12 to help me carry newspapers for my afternoon paper route. It had a squeaky wheel. I looked so nerdy squeaking down the streets of my neighborhood with my fluffy little dog and a wagon filled with newspapers.

We also went to my friend Angie's alpaca farm to see an alpaca give birth. It was sweet. We missed the actual birth but saw her deliver the placenta. Wow. It was intense.
If you ever need a sweet little alpaca, and don't we all, click the button on the right and check out Pine Haven. Alpacas are super cozy and make fun pets or great fiber investments.

Ronan was in hog heaven at the farm. He loves animals. This is his super cool babysitter, Suzy Q. She is a real natural with the kiddies.
The birth was quite the show. The entire herd was trying to get a peek.

And finally, I am working on the 2009 Halloween display. Yes, I started in June. Yes, I am a freak. I made this sign to be framed and hang outside. This year my house will be incorporated into the graveyard theme as a funeral home. Lots more Halloween posts to come. You know you love it.


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Violet said...

I'm in awe of your Halloween spirit! TOTALLY can't wait to see what you come up with.

That idea about putting him in the pool while he eats.. smart! Then you just hose him down and let him play! I'm logging that in my Mommy-bank. ;}

I just have to say it again.. your bangs rock! <3