Sunday, July 26, 2009

Goodnight Sesame Street

Bedtime rituals are all the rage. The parenting books and web sites are full of bedtime routine advice. And you know, they are right. As soon as we introduced a little routine for Ronan at a few months old, he started to get the idea of what was coming next and stayed asleep better during the night.

The bedtime deal has evolved over time. It started as a bath, bottle and story when he was very young. These days it is a bit more, unconventional?

Instead of reading, Ronan insists on watching Sleepy time Sesame Street. And I let him.
What? We live on the edge.
Whatever works, right? (The veteran Mommies are nodding in my imagination.)

So each night at 7:30 we turn on the disc. I really enjoyed it the first 200 times. I am a hard core Street fan. But now, well lets just stay if I have to hear Ernie sing "I Dance Myself to Sleep" again I hope those sheep come and carry me outside with Bert so I don't have to watch the rest.

Aside from the daily viewing of this DVD I quite enjoy the entire bedtime routine. And some parts of the DVD will never get old like "If Moon was Cookie".

Each night Ronan sits in his rocking chair like a little prince while I feed him thick oatmeal and blueberries. I like to pack him full of something hearty. He sleeps better.

Then he has a bottle, and cuddles me on the couch. After that I take my little man to his room and hand him his blankie, Silky Bear. As soon as it is in his hands he drops his sweet head to my shoulder and closes his eyes. Then he hums a little in happiness.

It is the best part of the day.

I love you Ronan, goodnight.

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