Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My First Real Meal

Today my Mommy decided to give me rice cereal. I was excited. I held my spoon ans waited.

And waited.....

And waited!

Finally, the first bite. Hmm what do I think of this stuff?

I think.....

I like it!

Whoa Mom, Slow it down a little.

Hey that was great. When are we having pork chops.

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Me me and G said...

I have never seen a baby look more like his father than baby R. How sweet, he loves his food. Wow, he really is just like John, maybe some rice cereal with hot sauce next????? haha.

Anonymous said...

I had another look after I talked to you, and I can't see you in him Rachel. He looks like someone shrunk John and put him in a baby seat! He's a cutey tho'.

Anonymous said...


It's been a tough few weeks and it continues...still I grabbed Ronan's picture of "I like it!" off your blog and made it my wallpaper on my work computer. It makes me smile:>