Monday, November 3, 2008

November 2001

(A warning, this post is a little sappy, no pun intended.)

John and I met in October of 2001. By November we were talking marriage. I know it is crazy, but when you know, you know.

We went up the Alpine Loop together and John offered to carve our initials into a tree by the road. That was a big deal to me. Carving you name in a tree lasts nearly forever. I looked around and saw carvings in other trees, some over 20 years old.

I knew I was committed when I said he should add our initials to the masses already in the trees.

We decided to come back and visit our tree every year. I think we went back only one time in the last seven years.

I drove the loop today to take some new pictures, and I was wondering if our tree would still be there, and if I would be able to find it.

I did find it, and I was so glad when I saw it. It is crazy to think that we carved that tree seven years ago, and that I went back today with our little baby boy sleeping in the back seat. It is hard to read now, but it says "J+R 01" inside of a heart.

I never would have guessed at all the fun times John and I had coming in these seven years. I hope to go back in 20 more years, and still find our tree, and look back on more wonderful years that I cannot now comprehend.

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