Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cooking with Ronan

Hello all, and welcome to cooking with me, Ronan. Today we will be making a wonderful pumpkin pie. I am into yellow and orange vegetables right now, thus today's selection. Here you see all of our ingredients. They look so tasty, it makes me want to eat my own hand!
Ah, now I have my spoon and we can get started. I look serious because this is serious business. Nobody in this house can cook, so I am taking matters into my own hands. I am prepping to make a Thanksgiving feast for Mom and Dad this year.
Lets get started shall we? Hmm something else important is missing......
....oh, I know what we need.
A bowl!
Now, for those of you at home, bowls are not typically worn on the head during cooking, but Mom did this to me. She thinks it is funny.
Come on Mom, I know I am cute, but get this off my head so we can get mixing!
Better. Now we are mixing the dry ingredients. Our spices and sugar.
Now we add the pumpkin, and evaporated milk, or nectar of the gods as Nana likes to call it.
Ah, and our pie crust pre-made by my friend Marie Calender.
Every genius is allowed a good tantrum, and this is mine. BAKE IT ALREADY!

Tune in next time, for more Cooking with Ronan.

5 people had this to say...:

Me me and G said...

The one with the bowl on his head is our new desktop. How cute...

Anonymous said...

A little Gordon Ramsey in training with that tantrum?

Spencer said...

He's the cutest ball of dough ever to be whipped up by two people. Was that sick? Wasn't meant to be. In any case, I think he's got Rachel's eyes and the cheeks John had fresh off his mission. So what you've got is two beautiful jewels peering out of ten pounds of batter. Squish him for me.

Jamison said...

Broooop. That's what I say whenever I see a close-up of Ronan's face. Broooop.

B-Tuck said...

hahaha you guys are too cute. i wish i had my own cooking show when i was his age.