Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thank You Aunt Colleen!

Ronan's wonderful Aunt Colleen sent us a stash of super cozy Halloween and Thanksgiving books. She knows how much we love Halloween at out house.

As you can see Ronan is already able to read at a fifth grade level.

I read to him everyday, and he loves it. I do all the voices. He looks at the pages with his mouth open and eyes wide.

Thanks Aunt Colleen! We love you so much!

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Anonymous said...

I called Colleen to tell her about the post. She was not home alas! Of course, he can read, he comes from a family of teachers. How is algebra coming?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad he likes his Halloween books. I guess he takes after his mommy and daddy. Love you all,

I am blessed! said...

Hey Rachel, Robin and Lacey told me to come check out your here I am!! What a beautiful baby! I am in the process of getting our spot up, it is just taking a while. I will be following you :)