Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Graveyard at Night.

This is me working. Ronan and I work on graphics and photos for my business like this a lot. This is a picture taken by John of me blogging and Ronan sleeping. Sometimes he just wants to be held, and sometimes I just need to work, so this is our compromise. :)

Speaking of photos.....
I don't mean to brag, but our graveyard is freaking amazing, and I took nightime pictures. John and I are so crafty. We have had several people pull up and take pictures of the house. One car almost got hit from behind the other night because they slowed down to see it.

It is so cozy especially because we live on block from the elementary school. Kids are always
lined up on the sidewalk looking at the graveyard. Yesterday a group of little boys was sneaking around the yard looking at everything up close. I was watching from the window where they couldn't see me. They were so excited. That is why we do our graveyard. It is so much fun to see all the little kids getting excited for Halloween.
This year we added five gravestones, a fog machine and stage lighting. I hope we can expand our display ever year and are known as the Halloween house on in the neighborhood.

Next year we plan on more realistic bodies, and huge mausoleums with ghouls trying to escape their graves.

Spencer, Andy, Jamison, Amy, Meagan and Jerad; we will miss your cozy bums all this year, especially during the Halloween fun. :(

2 people had this to say...:

Lacey said...

I just love all your halloween stuff. Its my favorite holiday but I have nowhere near the creativity that you do!

Candace said...

You're graveyard is freaking amazing! I bet it's hilarious to just sit and peek out your front window at the kids and passers by. I'll have to do a drive by with Jared one of these nights. So spooky!