Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I have been playing with my new camera. I upgraded again, an almost yearly thing I do to stay current with technology for my business. Here is what I got up to today, while wearing Ronan in the Baby Bjorn.Here is the man taking his morning nap in his bouncer. (Before I strapped him into the carrier.)

Here he is being burped by his Daddy. He always looks a little shocked when he lets out a sailor burp. This is his expression after one such burp.
Here is the Halloween display on the entertainment center in the house. Super spooky!

Some close up shots. Lots of bones, crows leaves and lights.

Pumpkins too.

The graveyard during the day. It is a lot more impressive at night and in person. I will add some night shots later.

Spooky close up.

The dead rising again.
Angel of death. :)

Ronan sleeping in the baby bjorn while his crazy mother photographs the yard.

Max and Izzy at their window guard post. The sit here all day to ward off anyone who comes near the house with major barking. This has become louder since the graveyard attracts all the school kids and they stop and stare on their way home.

Izzy, making sure nobody tries to attack us while we are out front.

3 people had this to say...:

Anonymous said...

Cute, but where are the pics of him in his overalls?

Quiet Violet said...

Too awesome!

Ronan is looking like he's growing, growing, growing!

That fisrt picture is like looking at John as a baby (I'm guessing!).

I miss you, girlie!

Spencer said...

Oh dear sweet jebaliz how I miss the Halloween season in Utah. Seeing your pictures brings me at least some comfort. I plan on watching horror movies all month long and lighting candles and praying to Satan as much as possible. No, no, no. I wouldn't even joke about that. But I will watch the movies and light a few candles and try to spook myself out. Think of me as you're crashing through the Haunted Forest WITHOUT ME. Tears are streaking down my face.