Friday, September 5, 2008


I am a crafty person. So it is hard to not have as much crafty time as I used to. But now that Ronan has gotten a little older and more predicable I have more time to get crafty, and I LOVE it.

I recently ordered some wall decals from and I love them. They are easy to put up, and give any room a bit of a kick. Plus they are rather inexpensive, and removable without ruining your paint. Check out what I did in my kitchen...

Behind the sink...

Up close

Above the door...

And up close....

There are more around the room, but you get the idea.

It is starting to get cold outside, and Ronan is going to need a super thick blanket for over his car seat when we go out. I was in the fabric store and thought that is would be so cool if I made him some fashionable blankies that match the current season/holiday.

So I made him an October blanket. It is lined and everything! Look at me. So crafty.

"Thanks for the cool blanket Mom, it is so comfortable, and hip. I will be the coolest kid this October, or should I say the warmest!" -Ronan

That is one happy customer.

2 people had this to say...:

Anonymous said...

Wow Martha,next thing we know you will be stenciling the driveway, and making water from scratch! Way to go!

Merrill family said...

My, my, oh my you are crafty!! What a fun mamma you are. I love the clip of the baby talking you are the cutest mommy!! Oh and your kitchen is too cool John did a great job. Hope all is well I talked to Grandma today and she was just tickled about the visit to the 1st Great-grandchild.