Friday, August 22, 2008

Trama, and David Bowie

Okay, I was clipping Ronan's tiny little finger nails today while he was sleeping. He has been scratching the heck out of his face, and I have been waiting for a time when he would not be moving to cut his nails with the tiny baby nail clippers.
Well, as I was doing his thumb, he moved and I got him pretty good.
I think I am more upset than he is.
Traumatized.Poor baby.
Sorry little man.

On a happier note, we have discovered that Ronan is a BIG fan of David Bowie. We have been listening to him this morning while I clean the house and do some graphics work. Ronan listens totally fascinated. It is too cute. The kid has good taste.

And when you have a chance to combine David Bowie and Flight of the Concords, it is a good day.....

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Anonymous said...

heard your sister is engaged!!! when is the big day!!!

Cathy Merrill Tucker said...

Hello Rachel! How are you doing?