Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Whining Spot

Winnie the Pooh has his Thinking Spot, I have determined that I have my Whining Spot, and this is it.

It seems that lately all I do on this blog is whine. Wa Wa Wah!

Sorry to all of you people who are looking for something cheerful and cool. But 9mo. perggos in July are rarely cheerful unless they have been told that their doctor will release them from their bloated bondage and mine has not.

We did a NST (non stress test) yesterday, and everything was fine. Then they measured my fluid, and it was up from last time.

So no reasons that could lead me to bully my doc into helping me out.
Baby is content to chill where he is and torture his Mommy.

::Sigh:: (promptly cut off by lack of room for lungs to expand to accommodate a true, full sigh)

This child has been named, but I am reluctant to type it. I don't think most people will like it.

Oh well.

I am pretty sure we are going with Roanan Douglas Dunston. Roan for short. It is Irish-Gaelic for little seal.

Little seals are cute, happy, wiggly, and covered in a layer of fat, just like my baby.

Now, if this fat happy baby would just get the heck outta me, I would whine a lot less.

4 people had this to say...:

Jessica said...

Rachel! You crack me up!! I added you to my friends so now we can keep in touch! Oh and Roanan is a very cool name! It's a strong name, I love it!

Anonymous said...

Rach, I have a stud horse by the name of Roany. Roan is also the color of a horse. See even if I dont work with you any more I still have something to say. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Rach, by the way i think that is a cool name. Dont ask why I am writing on your blog. Missy happened to be looking at it and being myself I just could not resist putting my two cents in, Goin to miss ya keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

John & Rachel-
Enjoy the time you have now life will change sooo much in a few weeks! It all for the better! and by the way we LOVE the name! hope the delivery goes quick and somewhat painless(TEE_HEE_HEE)
Lots of hugs!!!
Emily & the gang