Thursday, May 29, 2008


Yes, I am now a Throwdown Elite. Whatever that means.
I guess it means that I am a masochist.
I actually decided to pay money to have someone yell at me, and force me onto different torture devices, and make me sweat my guts out and possibly cry on a daily basis.
I switched from Gold's Gym to the closer, more state of the art MMA gym opening up in South Orem.
MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts.
I will be taking a combination of actual Kickboxing (not that aerobic sissy version, but the real thing with punching bags and all), Heated Yoga (they turn up the heat in the room to about 100 degrees, and then you sweat your butt off while doing Yoga), Plates (again, the real plates taught by a trained instructor, not the sissy aerobic version), and whatever cardio and weights I want to do on my own.
They also assign me to a trainer, with a class of about 6 other girls. We will all meet regularly to have our butts kicked as a group.
The thing that totally sold me on this gym was their Friday night "date night" class for couples. You come in, and learn to box as a couple. Basically the chicks get to punch the crap out of their spouses, while all the guys can do is dodge and block. SOLD!
Of course John is the one who talked me into this gym. He is so excited to take Jiu Jitsu and Boxing again. He is such a weirdo. He loves all that crap. They have an octagon there, so he will be fighting dudes in his classes.
I am shaking my head and rolling my eyes a little about it right now if you can imagine.
But whatever floats his boat.
It will be fun to be on a treadmill, and look down to the first floor where John is getting a run for his money the ring.
I am just excited to have a plan to get back in shape after this giant baby boy decides to return my hashed body to me. Hopefully it is something that I like and can stick with.
John will be working a new schedule that gets him home around 2:30pm everyday, so he can watch baby while I go get my butt kicked. I am sure I will appreciate any opportunity to get out of the house.

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