Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Big Cheeky Baby

This baby is about 6 pounds this week. My doctor says I am for sure only 31 weeks and 4 days. So I have an enormous baby. There is nothing wrong with him, or me, he is just huge.
Some people give birth to babies this big, full term. Not me. I still have eight weeks to go. That TWO months.
I don't know how he can continue to to gain a 1/2 pound a week for the next two months. That is another 4 pounds.
The doctor says my baby could easily be a 10-11 pound baby.
For a first baby? That is crazy!

My questions:

1. Where will the skin come from to cover another 4 pounds worth of baby? I am pulled tighter than a drum right now!

2. Where the heck will the baby fit in there? He is already clear up in my ribs, making himself know with super strong karate kicks to the lungs.

3. What will I do with this massive body I have become for the next two months? I can't sit and breathe and I can't lay down all day or I will go nuts. And, once I am laying down, it takes about a full min. to get back up.

4. How will anything get clean? I can't reach the floor to pick up anything for the life of me, and forget pulling stuff out of the dryer, let alone putting stuff in the bottom two dresser drawers or bottom dishwasher rack.

5. How will I survive the heat of July? I know that people have been pregnant in the summer and it has been miserable, but how many people what been this utterly huge during the heat of July? I mean, I feel like few women will understand just how big I feel. I am going to be a size that most women never have to get to. Let alone with their first baby. I am already the size of most full term women, with eight weeks left!

Here is the doctors plan.
If I go into labor early on my own, that is fine. He will let me try to push out the baby on my own. But he will only let me try for an hour before he calls C-Section. Who knows. Maybe I have a huge pelvis to go with my huge baby. Maybe the baby is a bit smaller than the Ultrasound says, and I get him out with not problem. This is what I hope happens.
If I don't go into labor before 39 weeks (July 20th) he will do a scheduled C-Section.

All I know is, I am not wasting my money on newborn sizes. I am going straight for the 0-3 month, and hoping that those aren't too small.

I am so freaked out by hospital, needles, catheters, and wounds. How the hell am I going to :

A. Get an epidural when I am not in current pain. I can see it if I am in horrible labor pains and I know it is going to make me feel all better. But the thought of feeling just fine and happily plopping down of my own free will to have a six inch needle inserted into my spine is just not acceptable. How do I know this guy with the needle knows what he is doing?

B. How am I going to lay on an operating table, knowing my guts are open while I am awake. Hearing and smelling everything that is going on? I will be a total wreck. I am not equipped to handle that without totally hyperventilating, barfing my guts out (the ones that are not already on the operating table) and then passing out cold.

C. How am I going to go home with a gaping wound and a new baby that I want to nurse.

I know am being a wuss, and that people have C-sections all the time, but don't judge me. Just humor me. I am terrified of hospitals.

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Anonymous said...

Ok. One step at a time. My friend told me today that she had both kinds of delivery and her delivery of choice is definately C-section. Next, believe me they do not give you an epidural when you are feeling fine, you are in pain, and are happy to see the needle. You would almost put it in yourself, and hope for a good spot! Last, relax, it really is not that bad. People love a good horror story, but having a baby is not that bad if you have a good doctor, and you do. Relax, sniff the lavender pillow. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

You realize that all of us on the planet had to be born. This is nothing new.... millions go through it everyday. This is just your first time and so that makes it a little scary, but in the large scheme of things....
you'll be in a hospital with good doctors and medicine, not in a field or a back room. Don't forget to let them know you're in pain, they take more action when you really let it all out. LOL And like I said before, the bigger babies are happier and seem to have less chance of being colicky or irritable. I'm confident you'll do great and I can't wait to come for a visit and hold this sweet baby. Love, Leenie