Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Noticed a Theme

Okay, how come none of you told me that I post something bathroom related about three times a month?


An update on the iPod. John managed to shove it clear through to the sewer, and the Roto Rooter man left us with his seal of approval, and no bill. The toilet has not worked this well in years. A new iPod is probably cheaper than the Roto Rooter man anyway! Hurray. I now must have a small funeral for MY iPod, which is already subtly changed ownership to my husband. Oh well. I got it to use at the gym, like that is actually happening! HA!

Have you ever been to a Orem/Provo Golds Gym? Forget it. All the girls there are super fit Zoobies who only show up for an excuse to wear skimpy workout gear and search for marriage partners. None of them even break a sweat (or need to, the skinny little....)

Not a place for a sweaty knocked up woman. Although I should go. I could be a sweaty beacon of warning to young people everywhere. "Be careful, THIS could happen to YOU!"

I got my first Mother's Day present today, a little early. John got me a Wii!
I just like to say, Wii!
It reminds me of the knights who all too recently said Nih! (If you don't know what that means, you should be ashamed of yourself. Go ask the nerd in your life. They should be able to clarify for you. Shame.)
I shall say Nih! unto you.

Okay, enough. So I am really excited to play it. I wanted to take a "sick day" from work to sleep in and play with the Wii, but I was a responsible adult, and came into work anyway.

Go me.


I know, I am awesome.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet, look for the cow racing game. It is my fav.


Anonymous said...

Anyhoo????? You need to spend more time in CA!!!!