Monday, May 5, 2008

Toilet Talk

If you have been to my house, and used the "facilities" you know that my bathroom throne has not had a lid for the last five years despite a lot of nagging to have it replaced.
I knew one day the importance of this would hit, and a new lid would be installed.
That day has come, and it is going to be expensive.
Here is a conversation I had with John via cell phone:

John: Hello, this is John
Me: Why are you whispering like someone died?
John: I am just trying not to have a nervous breakdown.
Me: Why? What happened?
John: I think I flushed my iPod down the toilet.
(John LOVES his iPod, it is like an extension of his body, thus the reason it accompanied him to the restroom.)
Me:How did you do that?
John: I set it on the back of the toilet, later flushed, and turned to wash my hands. When I looked back my iPod was gone. It is not in the bathroom anywhere, and I know it was just here.
Me: Well, I bet now you see the importance of a toilet lid.
John: Honey, not right now....
Me: Well stick your hand in an fish around.
(John pauses, stuffing his hand into a toilet. Gross)
John: My hand is too big, you will have to try when you get home.
Me: Great.

I am so looking forward to stuffing my hand down a toilet, to fish for a $150.00 iPod, then finding that I cant get it and spending $300.00 on a plumber.

Good times.

Who takes their iPod to the bathroom? John does.

Of all the gifts a toilet sees over the years, this one has got to be it's favorite. So here's to the toilet and it's fabulous gift of music. It is the least we can do after all of its years of faithful service.

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Uncle David & Aunt Lisa said...

Believe it or not we are used to the Toilet Talk. Just wait ... having a seat cover will mean nothing once you have little ones.
I can't tell you how many times we've had to replace our toilet seal because we've had to take the stool up to get tip it over to get out tooth brushes, pens, toys. Our best story is when Evelyn flushed her shorts down the toilet upstairs (we didn't know this) All of a sudden the kitchen sink downstairs started to back up. I just thought the sink was backed up, until the washer was also backed up. Then came the wonderful realization that it wasn't just sink water. We left our home and spent a few days at my parents house as we dug down to our sewer pipe and cut it an added a plae that we can open up and used a snake just in case we ever have another problem. My Uncle knows how to do things like this so we didn't have to pay someone to come out, thank goodness. Now this came in handy a few years later, but you'll have to ask your Uncle David about that one ! Just ask him about the 2 squirels, he'll know. Aunt Lisa