Monday, May 12, 2008

Double the "Hoilday"

This year my anniversary happened to fall on Mothers Day.
It was the 100th anniversary of Mothers Day, my 6th wedding anniversary and my first Mothers Day.
I spent the day with John. Which is a rare treat. We never seem to be home at the same time. We played Wii, and ate good food. Perfect!
I think in future I will excuse my children and husband from this invented holiday. It is kind of silly if you ask me.
I also realized that I will have to be evicting this kid here soon. While it sounds great to have space for my lungs back, I don't know about the actual process of getting the kid out. I am starting to freak a little. Okay that is a lie. I am starting to freak out a LOT!
Holy hell, who came up with baby exit strategy?
Happy mothers day to my Mom, who I didn't catch on the phone yesterday. I will call you. Thanks for *gasp* giving birth to me.

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Anonymous said...

Wii is the best. If you need to borrow Guitar Hero or Mario Kart let us know!! I have baby clothes galore for you. Can I throw you a shower in UT? There would be Wii involved.... Let me know and give me a list if yes.
Aunt Hilary