Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A bit of a jump....

I went in for an Ultrasound on Monday. The doctor wanted to know why in the heck I was measuring so big.
My last ultrasound placed me three weeks ahead of where I was supposed to be in the babies size. This one placed me four weeks ahead.
We are not sure how the dates got an entire month off, but the Ultrasound tech said she for sure thinks I am 34 weeks instead of 30, based on the two Ultrasounds.
Everything is normal, and fine and healthy. No diabetes, and the baby looks great.
He has cheeks and forearms so chubby we could see it in the pictures. Cute.
Chunky babies are by far the cutest.
So I am going to the doc again next Tuesday, and hopefully he has mercy on me and officially changes my dates to somewhere around June 30 instead of the original July 21.
I have changed the tickers on this page to reflect the moved up date.
It is crazy to lose a whole month of prep time in only a couple of mins.

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Anonymous said...

Ultrasound pics pls. I need to see those cheeks!!!
ps broke the news to Rhiannon that she is not the baby anymore! She is adjusting slowly.