Friday, March 28, 2008

And you thought barbie was bad.....

I went to Target yesterday, and as always I checked out the My Little Pony aisle. While down there I saw what has ticked me off for a couple of years now, and I thought that I would say something about it on my blog.

Bratz Dollz.

I remember growing up, not really having Barbies. She was proportioned all wrong, and had her mind on boys and shopping. Not really a great educational toy for little girls. But at least Barbie has been a doctor, and an astronaut, even a veterinarian.

Now comes the new generation of misguided toys for little girls. The Bratz Doll. I would let me little girl have a hundred Barbies over one Bratz Doll any day.

They are all sorts of wrong and meant for children as young as five years old!

Take this one pictured above. This is supposed to be a baby doll, or a baby Brat. I am sorry, but what the hell are we teaching little girls when their baby dolls are caked in make-up and dressed like hookers? Look at her, a baby doll sporting a plunging neckline!

Since when do babies wear chola eyeliner and have Angelina Jolie lips, complete with hideous lip gloss?

I hate the Bratz Dolls. I think they should all be burned. Whoever came up with this crap has certainly contributed to the age inappropriateness of today's little girls and their body image issues in a huge way. And more shame on the people who choose to buy these for their kids.

A small taste of what real babies would look like according to the idiots at Bratz. Sign your babies up for lip augmentation now. Plastic surgeons are filling up their schedules fast!

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ElPato said...

You're absolutely right. Kids are turning into Bratz (with a damn Z, no less) and crap like this is just encouraging them.