Monday, March 24, 2008

I am officially huge.

There is a point when you go from cute pregnant to huge pregnant. That point has been reached. Today I crushed a small BYU student.
I am officially huge.
John and I went to the doctor today, and followed up our appointment (which was fine by the way) with lunch at a place called Jason's Deli. I love their fruit salad, and veggie sandwiches, but most of all their carrot cake. Yeah, I ordered all of that today.

You need to know one thing about this restaurant. The booths are made up of benches and tables that are not attached to the floor or wall, so they move a little now and then.

I was working my way out of the booth, which takes some doing, and when I finally got up the entire bench slid. Unfortunately there was a 100lb. female BYU student having lunch with her Dad behind me, and she was suddenly pinned between her table and the rouge bench.

She and her Dad looked mad, and offended. I would be too. Then I turned fully around to apologise and they saw my "condition". Her Dad giggled as I tried to apologise and run away as fast as possible.

I crushed another person. I had no idea I had become this massive. Oh dear.

John of course thought it was highly entertaining.

I am mortified.

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