Monday, February 4, 2008

Rubber Ducky, Your the One!

Ernie and Bert would be proud. This baby has now achieved the size of your standard rubber ducky. Too bad he doesn't make "bathtime so much fun" since I am not really allowed to take my favorite scalding hot baths anymore.
Baby can now have the the hiccups, which I will eventually be able to see and feel by the sixth month.
Baby also has the ability to test out facial expressions like squinting frowning and smirking. These expressions will all come in handy when baby is able to hear my humorless jokes. John calls them "Rachel Jokes" because they are only funny to me. And I mean, REALLY funny to me. I can get myself rolling about the dumbest joke, and I don't care if anyone else thinks it is at all entertaining.
What is really freaking me out though is that is would be a challenge to get this Rubber Ducky out, and he has not even reached the half way point on the size he will achieve.
I dunno about all this.
Sleeping on the tummy is totally out now. And the other day at Target some college age girls we smiling and pointing a little at the "cute pregnant lady" which turned out to be me!

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the birth. The beak is the only real hard part to push out!!!
Love you,