Friday, February 1, 2008

This summer will be hot!

Who can deny that Batman is hot? I dare you to try. Batman is the hottest caped crusader. Ever. Best of all, her is just a regular guy. With a ton of money. Instead of sqandering it, he spends it to develop sweet stuff to help him defend the down trodden of Gotham city.

What a guy.

A hot.



Batman will come out with a new movie this July. I can only pray that I am not 40 weeks pregnant and having to pee every 10 mins. of the show.

What if the movie is so cool that it throws me into labor? I would totally stay to finish the show despite contractions.

I love you Batman.

Another stud coming to theaters this summer is Harrison Ford as Indianna Jones. He may be old, but he will always be Indianna Jones. He will always be a stud. This movie comes out May 22. I am so excited to see it, that I may just pee my pants.

Ah, this summer I will be fat and happy at the movie theater, enjoying their ample air conditioning and on screen eye candy while in the final months of pregnacy.

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