Thursday, January 17, 2008

Why Preggos are so tired

I always thought that some of the stuff preggo ladies claim was a crock of crap. Until I tried being preggo myself. It is no cakewalk.

Preggo ladies are always sleepy. Yes, even after the first trimester, and now I know why. It is not our fault.

We try to sleep. We would love to sleep. But it is near impossible, and I am only four months in.

Sleep before was a cinch. Any position was comfy. No need to worry about being to hot or cold you just set the thermostat and you are good. No need to pee until mornng. Plenty of room in the bed, and nothing to stop you from a solid eight hours of rest.
Ahhhh. I will cherish those memories of real sleep. I know that for the rest of my life I will never sleep like that again.
Enter the curse of the children. Even before they arrive your preggo body is receiving an early training course on the tortures and sleep deprivation on motherhood.
Gone are the days of uninterrupted sleep. Say hello to worry and pain, two of the leading emotions you get when you become a parent.
I may only be four months in, but I look and FEEL pregnant. I know all of you seasoned motherhood vets out there are thinking, "Honey, you ain't seen nothing yet!"
I know. I am aware. But I am unable to comprehend the months ahead of me. Yikes.
Last night I woke up a million times to adjust my position. My back hurts all the time from sitting all day at work. I have invented all kinds of pillow sculptures to jam under my back. Some are worthy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
I also have the HUGE body pillow stuffed under the covers with me, totally robbing Hubbie of any small space that might have been left in the bed for him. I throw that cumbersome thing around all night, thoroughly screwing up any semblance of flat bed coverings.
I have a fan and humidified going, and the heating vent closed. I am frying like an egg among all my pillows blankets and bed sculptures. (By the way, eggs sound really good!)
Poor Hbbie freezes his butt off.
They latest surprise about this new "sleep" cam last night at 2:00am. I woke to a searing pain in my right calf muscle. It had totally locked up and was giving me the worst charlie horse of my life. I started freaking out. Jumped out of bed and started hopping in the dark like a mad woman. I was hitting my leg, hoping the muscle would unclench. It finally did, but I am walking funny today as a result.
Baby, this is not funny! Mommy wants to sleep!
Fat chance. Mommy.

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Hlary said...

I was just emailing back and forth with Nana (haha) and she sent me the link for your blog. Congrats! Let me know if you are having a boy or girl when you know, I love to go baby clothes shopping. I voted girl. Hope you can sleep soon...

Auntie Hilary