Monday, January 28, 2008

Week 15

Peachy. That would describe me, and the actual size of Baby. This kid is a mover. I have started feeling Baby wiggle around in there. He likes to hang out on the right side of my abdomen and do a soft little dance when I am waking up. I think he is saying, "Get out of bed and feed me!".

Baby is big time into Mexican food and scrambled eggs and anything protien right now.

Babies Auntie Stink came to visit me this weekend and we had a lot of fun. Stink auditioned for a musical scholarship at BYU. She will be attending the Y this fall. I am excited to have a bud in town, and a babysitter to boot.

Nana Poppet reminded me that my super fun Aunt, her sister, would probably get a major kick out of cooing over Baby too. So I am glad to have people close by in case I decide to give away my children.

I am getting excited about finding out the gender of this Baby Peach. I find out on the 20th, so get you votes in now, and start placing your bets.

My doctor says based on the slower (but perfectly healthy) heartbeat she is guessing boy. But my equally reliable "old wife's tale" activities have told me girl. I recently found myself doing a silly "old wife's tale" test out of boredom. You pull out a couple strands of hair, and loop your wedding ring through them. Hold your ring by the hair over your belly and make it be still. If it starts to move in a circle, you are having a girl. If a line, you will have a boy. Crap, I know, but it is fun.

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