Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Week 13

Baby is getting bigger and cuter by the day. She's honing her reflexes -- her little hands and feet respond to stimuli by bending or flexing. And she may stick her thumb in her mouth this week (awww), although she's not quite ready to start sucking it.

Her eyes are looking more and more like Hubbies baby blue/greens -- or browns-- but I won't see them until about the 30th week since her eyelids are fused together to protect them as they develop. Best of all, now that all of her organs and systems have formed, my risk of miscarriage drops significantly by next week (more than 75 percent of miscarriages occur during the first trimester) so I can give those early-pregnancy nerves a rest.

I go to the doctor today, we will hear the heartbeat and MAYBE find out what it is. Maybe. Most likely not. But who knows.

I hope I find out, it is killing me not knowing, cause now I am into buying stuff. I am starting to freak out about what I will need.

I registered online at BabiesRUs. It is fun to pick out all the stuff. I hope that I have thought of most things I will need.

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