Thursday, January 3, 2008

Kitchen Remodel

Well, the remodel began on December 3rd. Exactly one month later, we are done minus appliances and a bit of finishing work like touch up paint, molding, and window coverings.

It was a long month for me. Those of you who know me, know that I hate mess, and stress. Two of the main ingredients in a remodel. Especially in an old house. When you open something up, you can never be sure what you will find. To top it off, I was first trimester preggie and all the new smells of saw dust, open walls, paint and stuff added to the barfing.

You know what though? Who the heck an I to complain? I got a new freaking kitchen and I love it!

Hubby was such a trooper. He worked tirelessly day and night, and organized all the contractors and decisions, which was new for me. I am a control freak, but letting hubby take the wheel, as he always tries to, was awesome. He did an amazing job!

So here is the before shot of the west side of the kitchen. We had done the best we could with the old cabinets, and counters....

The sink was leaky, cabinets had water damage, and that floor HAD to go. It was hideous. Live and learn.

John, demolished the cabinets and floor with the help of some contractors in one day, and we got a few surprises. We found out that the wall behind the cabinetry was all block/brick and would need to be resurfaced. Good times.

The kitchen looked like this for a couple of weeks at least. We were overwhelmed.

Finally, after hiring some additional help for poor Hubby, who's usual construction partner (me) was out of commission, things started to come together fast.

This is our new west view of the kitchen.

My favorite thing on this side is that sink. It is so big, I could bathe two toddlers in each side of it at once! Check out the sparkly granite counter tops! I did not have this much counter space TOTAL before the remodel!

And all of that space the was built in above the cabinets is available now, making the room look so much bigger. I am going to put lots of lush plants on the tops of the cabinets! Awesome!
Here is the old view of the east side of the kitchen. Total wasted space! The fridge is there on the far right covering up half of the window, and the rest of the wall is utterly useless. And just look at that ugly floor!And now look at it! Built in fridge, and look at that new bar area, with a lovely view out the window and at my summer garden patch! Counter space, how I love thee! And what a lovely new slate floor. It looks so clean!

I am proud to say that I designed and measured the layout of the kitchen, and I must say I did a smashing job of using all of my space to it's full potential!
Appliances come tomorrow, and I guess now I will have to start cooking....
We will see.

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Anonymous said...

Looks great! What will you cook first?