Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Week 11

My little Sushi baby. This week they say the baby is roughly the size of a California Sushi Roll. For those of us that eat their young, this would be the best time. You could down that baby in one bite.
I am not a fan of eating my young, yet.
This week the little sushi is developing those tell tale organs that I will be able to see in a few more weeks and find out just what this babies gender will be.

I am starting to crave things as the barfing has almost entirely disappeared. The other night I sent hubby out for Cheerios's at one in the morning. He was a sport.
My jeans are bugging me, and I think I am gonna say goodbye the the "beauty is pain" theory and start wearing maternity pants. It is just not worth it.
Right now I am doing the rubber band in the button hole pants extender. It is not my favorite. I keep having to check my fly.
Some people say they can tell I am preggers already. I think I just look fat and they are being nice.
I am excited to move to elastice waist pants though, but hope I will only need them over the next year, and not after.

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Anonymous said...

Finally something new! I will never look at a California roll in the same way again. Thanks!
Love you,