Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas With Nana Poppet

Nana Poppet invited us all home for Christmas this year, and it was a total blast. I loved seeing my sisters, and Hubby and G hit it off great. Plus I got away from the construction zone that had become my kitchen!
Here are MeMe, Stink and I, all doing our thing at the local Target. Meme, and I got banned from several stores for this kind of activity in high school! It was awesome! We have to teach Stink the way of the Merrill high school girl.

Nana Poppet made us all get gussied up for a family photo. This is a blurry (and thus beautiful) pic of me and Stink practicing for our close up.

On Christmas morning, the family chefs made us delicious, high quality french toast. G was wearing a new beanie, with fashionable tag intact. Hubby looks on lovingly at the food being prepared. I think this is the first time he has witnessed cooking in real life.

Here are Hubby and G. doing what they do best. Gaming, and ignoring the womanly chatter ans snickering going on in the kitchen. Manly.

I gifted these two cool T's to my sisters, to remind them that Sunday is not just about boredom. It can be fun if you make it so.

Nana Poppet said she would combat these shirts by getting he own with the 10 commandments printed on it, and a movable arrow. She would point the arrow to whatever commandment we children were making light of at the moment.

PS- Those are obviously cups of root beer.....

G. had a terrible accident. While saving 10 kittens from sure death by semi, his leg was mauled by a truck and MeMe had to carry him home on here back. Look at that concentration.

In effort to save her love, she sacrificed her favorite jeans. Killing them with a rip to the rear.

Later, Hubby and G. repaired Nana Poppets dinosaur computer, giving it new life and the strength to withstand the iTune fixation of Stink.

And what would a get together of Merrill woman be without the display of our god given triple chin shocker. Here we all are demonstrating the beauty that we have been given.

Here is John, building one heck of a fire, unnecessarily, in the home hearth. He looks pleased doesn't he?

I would like to close this photo essay with a picture of the beautiful MeMe, doing a mating display, dance and call in the isles of Target. Just for kicks. Thanks MeMe, you are hot!

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