Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yay for Puke!

It was about week 4/5 and I was gloating to one "in the know" friend about how I have no morning, or any other time, sickness. I smiled smugly and commented that actually wished for some, so I could barf off some of the 5 pounds I had already gained.
Well, the puke Gods heard me, and laughing at my stupidity, they granted my ill thought out wish, and now I am a constant puker. Well, not a constant puker, but a constantly nauseated preggo lady.


This morning I woke up like a military Sergeant fighting a war. A war with the puke. I had a game plan, nay, a plan of ATTACK. I barked military like orders at my poor husband in attempt to make my no-puke plan a success. It is all about the strategy and planning.
"Bring me Yogurt!", I cried from by warm place in bed.

I dutifully ate it, even though it was too yucky and then, slowly, ever so slowly worked my way out of bed. No sudden movements. I didn't want my stomach to know I was awake so it could begin its all day siege.

By the time I got in the car I was ready with crackers for the ride to work. I ate those boring cardboard crackers as I drove by McDonalds.

"I want a McGriddle and hash brown and Coke for breakfast!" cried my tummy.

"You are a liar!", I replied. "You are just trying to trick me. As soon as I eat that thing, you will toss it back up! Waste of $5.00! Now shut up and enjoy these cardboard crackers."
I made it to work, and my desk even without having to visit our good friend Mr. T.

So far so good, but I do have that nagging nausea that creeps up before lunch no matter what I eat. Oh wait.......

Okay I am back. I spoke too soon. Mr. T says hi.

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Anonymous said...

You are one crazy chick Rachel B. Just think..... Rachel B. is having a B. of her own. Who knew!!!! CONGRATULATIONS MAMA!!!! Instead of some wise advice..... which I'm sure you'll be getting at every turn...... I'll just say WOW!! That's about all I can say is WOW!! Love you, Leenie

Anonymous said...
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Mrs. said...

Sure, crazy Meg would make one heck of a Godmother.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous must not be LDS or very close to us to not know LDS families don't have godmothers. Therefore anonymous must really not know much about Meg, or they would know any child would be very, very lucky to have her as godmother if there were such a thing!!! Maybe they should stay off the blog. Sincerely Meg's Mom!!!