Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I have never been one to keep my mouth shut for very long about much. Little gems of information gnaw at my insides until they work their way up my esophagus, and out my big blabber mouth.

One such informational gem has worked its way into my belly and has been wiggling around, and truthfully making it's way up my esophagus almost twice a day.

John and I are pregnant. We are about six/seven weeks and tentatively due on July 21st 2008.

There you go. It's out, but only to my family and loyal blog readers.

If I work with you, and you check my blog for some odd reason,
KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! Don't be a jerk.
PS- This rude comment is not meant for people I may have told, just nosy people looking for a reason to pick on me.

Anyway, there you have it.

Now, I can blog more often, and about disgusting and hilarious things that come with being a preggo.

First off. Last night John did the best thing ever. He cleaned my new best friend so well that I could eat out of it. My new best friend is the toilet. I meet to chat with this friend a few times on a bad day and maybe once on a good one. Who needs another reason to vomit? Like a sick looking toilet? I don't.

John has made a solemn vow to keep my new best friend
(the toilet, or as I like to call him, Mr. T.)

and my new favorite room (the bathroom) spic and span for me.

What a guy!

This morning when I got to work, I calmly clocked in, walked to the bathroom, and had a chat with my work version of Mr. T. It is great to puke in a public restroom! Especially when you have to keep it quite, so as not to give away your "condition".

Everyone who knows me, knows that there is nothing quite about me, least of all that vomit reflex.

Wow, are all of me readers sick now too?
Other than the new affinity for Mr. T, and the bathroom, I have developed some great new quirks to add to the long list of ones I already had.
1. Boobs, they were a pretty big part of me before, but now, only six weeks into this adventure they are at a DOUBLE D. This is a joke right? And they are only getting bigger.
Most husbands would say "Woohoo! One perk of having a preggo wife!" These men would be wrong, and have never had a preggo wife.
Just accidentally brushing these gigantic things against a wall on the way to another room is something, I would imagine, akin to being kicked in that one spot that got me into this mess for men.
2. I have a new obsession with carbs, mostly mashed potatoes and gravy. No matter were we eat, my first question is, "Do you have mashed potatoes?"
This question is especially silly at places like Taco Bell, but a preggo has to know. I am making a map of all the joints in this town that have my new favorite food.
3. I smell everything. And I mean everything. We have an out of order bathroom. We keep used dishrags, and such in the sink until the washer is free and there are enough to justify a load. I cannot go past that door, and John is now washing two and three used rags at a time, to keep me from having to talk to by buddy Mr. T every time that door gets opened.
4. My love of Indian and Thia food has gone from me. I LOVED these foods, and I mean that. Passionately.
Now, they could fall of the face of the earth. They just don't taste as good. I would rather be eating mashed potatoes.
5. I love to pee. Some people think this symptom doesn't show up for a while, but it is here. And it is dragging me to the bathroom at least once an hour.
So many new gross things, so little time...
So, I guess you can look forward to this blog being full of unnecessarily personal and gross information from now on. I am sure it only gets better through pregnancy, and then the stuff after, that involves messy kids is probably equally yucky.
Enjoy. And for all you weak stomached friends, I guess you won't be reading anymore! :)

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