Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Liar Liar Maternity Pants on Fire!

This is what will happen to me, because of the sin I committed today. (not kinky, you dirty minded people!)

On Friday I bought movie tickets online for a showing of Stardust later that evening for John and I.

That was the day I went up to Salt Lake to get my hair done, and things took a little longer than I had hoped. John and I missed our movie.

I thought it was no big deal. We have had our movie tickets refunded before, and this situation would be no different. Wrong. I had bought them online. There are no refunds for online tickets.

That made me angry. No way were these dudes getting my $18.50, for a movie I never saw! It didn't say "no refunds" on the web page when I purchased my ticket.

So I got a hold of an e-mail address and wrote this little lie of an e-mail:

To Whom it may concern-
We were unable to attend a showing for tickets we purchased online because I went into labor on Friday night. We would really appreciate a refund as $18.50 is a lot of money especially with a new baby….
It was for the 6:45pm showing of Stardust on 8/10/07 at Cinemark 16 in Provo.
Confirmation Number: 40356872782
I realize that you do not usually give refunds, but we would appreciate it if you would be kind enough to make an exception as this is an unusual circumstance.

Guess what? I got this back.

Congratulations on your new baby! We are happy to refund these tickets to your credit card. You should see the credit post within 2-3 business days. Thanks!

Sweet refund satisfaction. And for all of those who think I am a sinner, well I am, but a rich sinner.

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Me me and G said...

YESSSSSS! I love it. ha.