Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Message to Stink

Dearest Stink,

I know that times are hard in France,
And you want to come home in advance.

But my pet, do not fret
you have not met the hottie yet!

Oh what a difference a hottie can make,
so harness the hot-ness, and don’t be fake.

Stay for all the trips to explore
don’t forget to send me something from the store.

Buy a beret and wear it with pride
and you won’t hear my comments so snide.

Soon an adult you must become
so having free trips will soon be undone.

If you leave early, you’ll regret it I fear.
So, stay and make out with that hottie my dear.

I know if it’s “urgent” you’ll keep your head clear
and echoes of Mom singing that song, you will hear.

One day you will remember fondly
how you remained in France so calmly.

The sites you did see
and the baguettes, tee-hee-hee

So stay where you are
Don’t put luggage in that car!

You’ll avoid life long teasing
from your sisters without ceasing.

You must remain to your future self’s pleasing.

Mrs. D

PS- Don’t be a wuss! Stick it out Stink or you will NEVER live it down.

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Angie said...

Your soooooo funny. I love it..........