Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Peddling Myself Around Town

Admit it dear reader. You thought I was full of crap when I proclaimed that I would start riding my bike to and from work. Don't worry, I don't blame you. Lots of my hair brained schemes never come to fruition. Especially my fitness schemes as is evident by my consitent weight loss of 0 pounds.
You will then be shocked and amazed that yesterday in the blazing heat of June I peddled myself across town and home.
Thats right. I rode all four point three miles home. A full mile of which was up the steepest hill in the entire city. It never looked as steep or as long from my vantage in air conditioned vehicles. Let me tell you, my legs were so tired and my muscles were so shocked that I couldn't straighten my sad lumpy legs and required several rests.
On the way home I rode past what had to have been a 65 year old woman, riding her bike with ease down the road past me as I, at 24, huffed and puffed like I was going to die. Pathetic.
But dear reader, all showy old ladies aside, I did it.
And I will do it again.
If my legs work.

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Stopher said...

Hello Mrs. I am and was impressed when you walked through my door on this day, the day you conquered the hill. I only wish when I was riding the other bike earlier that would have stayed together.(chain broke in two) I hope that these summer days bring many more bike rides for the two of us...together.