Friday, June 29, 2007

Mr. Sergeant!

How it happened:
-Mr. was invited to test to become a Sergeant by his superiors.
-Mr. tested with 76 other officers.
-Mr. was one of only 20 that passed and was asked to interview.
-Mr. passed his interview.
-Mr. placed second out of all tested and interviewed.
-Mr. was promoted to Sergeant.

Important things to note:
-Most officers do not pass testing their first time.
-No study material is given to those who will be testing.
-Mr. has only been an officer for a little over two years.
-Mr. placed above officers that had been Sergeants before!

Points of interest:
-Mrs. will be richer courtesy of Mr.
-Mr. will now have several officers work directly under him.
-Mr. is VERY smart and good at his job.
-Mrs. is VERY proud.

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