Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Boy's Best Friend

Ronan adores Max. Or Maaaa, as Ronan calls him.

Max is not sure about Ronan.

Max would like to sleep.

Ronan wants to cuddle.

And drool on his best friend.

Even hold hands.

We put up our Christmas tree. Ronan liked it, but he is still more interested in Max.

Ronan likes to give Max presents. Even his prized kitchen finds.
Every boy needs a dog.
And ever dog (even Max, like it or not ) needs a boy.

3 people had this to say...:

Q said...

CUTEST pictures!

Casie said...

Cute pics of the little guy. And I absolutely ADORE your Christmas tree! That is so cute!

B-Tuck said...

aww this is so precious! i love it. :)