Friday, September 18, 2009

Hanging Around Town

Look how cute Ronan and I are! Not to toot my own horn. It is just that I have just felt like a big ugly sow ever since I had him a year ago and I am finally starting to feel cute-ish again.

I keep finding myself subconsciously dressing Ronan and I alike. If I wear baby blue somehow Ronan is wearing it too. Look at today, his shirt matches the color in the checkers on my shirt. Today wasn't so bad but some days I look at us and imagine people throwing up in their mouths a little at the cute matchy matchy look they must think I do intentionally.

Anyhoo**. We have been having lots of fun since Daddy came home. Ronan is talking up a storm because he is hearing more adult conversation. He loves to participate with a big loud mouth full of gibberish. He goes on and on.

We went to Gardener Village to see the witch display. This picture on the left is not staged. Those are true looks of horror on those boys faces. They were in hell having their pictures taken.

Ronan found a cool magnification glass. It was so fun. He laughed hysterically when I did the same.
Ronan had a really fun time, and then zonked out in the car with his Gandalf.

John and Ronan had a great time at the music store. Ronan loves to copy every thing that his Daddy does. Here he is shopping in the Heavy Metal section.
He has about 15 real words in his vocabulary. I am just glad that so far he hasn't picked up anything embarrassing. I am sure he will eventually, but for now here is a list of his favorite words.
Max (the dog)
Is (for Isabeau, the other dog)
Please (yes, the l is an adorable w sound ::swoon::)
and best of all, a heart melting MAMA!

Ronan has a sound for all the things he sees. This is his sound for the scary Halloween monster hanging is on the back door. He comes up with this stuff on his own. I swear.

**My Mother hates it when I say "Anyhoo". She says it is a Utah thing. I say, "Boo!" I like the word anyhoo.

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Stef Titone said...

I, for one, enjoy your blog so much that I am up an hour after everyone in this house is asleep reading and giggling. Sorry I never comment. Trust me, I have plenty to! That probably doesn't surprise you. Keep writing. Your style is like a breathe of fresh air. I can hear your voice when you write. Quite a talent, my dear.

Stef Titone said...

P.S.-Feeling cute and mentioning it is not tooting your own horn. Anyone who has had a kid will completely identify with you there. While you were always cute in every single picture I have seen, there is something magical that happens at the one year mark. Is it hormones? Muscle tone? Clear skin? I don't know either, but around 13 months post-partum I looked in the mirror and saw the girl who had been swallowed up by a microscopic cluster of cells two years prior to that day. It was a good feeling. I had missed her. I look forward to seeing her again in about 6 months. (Hopefully she is resting to take over for me for a few years--I'm tired!)

milk with tea said...

Your baby is adorable! Love those pictures with the magnifying glass!