Monday, September 7, 2009

Daddy Is Home!

John and I decided on Saturday that he had been gone too long. So, on the spur of the moment, we booked him a ticket and he was home Saturday night. Ronan knew exactly who Daddy was, and he was so excited.

Today we all went to Pirate Island. It is a super cool Pirate themed restaurant. They went all out on the atmosphere and props. But the food, well it was okay.
Ronan was terrified by the talking skeleton in waiting area. He buried his face in our shoulders and refused to look up. He grew braver as time went on and had a nice piece of pizza.

John and Ronan enjoyed their pirate hats. Ronan apparently wanted an eye patch but had to make due.

Ronan and Dad had a great time in the arcade.
It is so nice to have Daddy back. He is a lot of help and a lot of fun.

4 people had this to say...:

Anonymous said...

So nice to see you all back together.

Rhiannon said...

awwww, coz

Merrill family said...

Yeah for the Dunston,I hope I still get to read fun stuff on the blog with a hubby home. I think I should start thinking of Halloween soon thanks to you...lets do apples first!

Anonymous said...

Aww. Beeg looks so big. I will expect more posting now that you have help. Don't let me down. Its boring here in temecula haha.