Saturday, August 1, 2009

Head Wounds Bleed....A Lot.

(This picture has nothing to do with the post. It was just cute.)

This evening Ronan was sitting in his rocking chair eating (yes, finally eating) chicken nuggets. I think he dropped one and leaned a little too far forward to get it. Enter the face plant. I heard the smack from the kitchen and started running.

I found my little guy spread eagle on the floor with his face in a toy barn. I picked him up as the reality of what happened hit him and the screaming started.

Then I saw it.


What seemed like gallons of blood.

I felt sure I needed to rush to the emergency room, where I would be visited by a Child Services Agent. There was so much blood coming out of my Love's little mouth that I just knew he had knocked out 9 of his teeth on that plastic barn.

But I am very proud of the way I handle situations like this. Even though I was freaking out inside I was calmly telling Ronan that everything was okay.

He would not let me look in his mouth, and there was too much blood to see anything anyway. His top lip was swelling and discolored already.

I figured I would make him a cold bottle. It would solve a bunch of my problems at once. It would sooth him and stop his crying if his teeth were all still intact. If there were missing teeth I would know right away because I assume he would refuse the bottle because who wants soy milk flowing over an open tooth socket?

The cold of the bottle would also be my only way to get the little guy to let me put something cold on his swelling lip.

And drinking the bottle would clear the blood and slow the flow so I could get a better look at our problem.

Ronan took the bottle without flinching. All teeth still intact, check.

Ronan stopped crying and my sweater was saved from more bloody drool on the shoulder. Not that I cared about my sweater at the time.

When my boy was calm I got to check out the damage.

Guess what?

All that blood for a bitten top lip.

That's it? That's it!


They were not kidding when they said head wounds bleed a lot. They really mean a LOT.

This picture is also not related to this post at all. But I found it and I like it. And it is not of JUST Ronan. This is my sister Meg, her now husband Jared, Ronan and me prepping food and looking smashing and domestic. I love me an apron!

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Heather said...

I think lip wounds are the worst for blood! I am so glad he is ok! A couple of weeks ago, when we were at Disneyland, Mateo was getting in his carseat and somehow fell out and out of the car. We have a 4Runner, so it was a long drop. His head hit the ground and it made this loud noise like a watermelon hitting the ground. Horrible, bad dream worthy. He ended up being ok, but it was so scary!