Friday, July 24, 2009

Ronan is One

Ronan turned 1 on July 19th.

I cant believe that my wee little bebe is already a year old. It passed by so fast. He is moving on to bigger and better things all the time.

Ronan has several words. His first word was fish. He can tell you what a fish says. If you ask him what the fish says he will make a kissy face at you.

Ronan can tell you what the horse says too. He blows through his loose lips. You know that weird "pppprrr" noise they make? What is that called? Well, it was easier than a neigh.

His vocabulary also includes; Mama, Dada, That, Is (for Isabeau) and Max.

Ronan got his first haircut shortly before the big birthday. It was a moving haircut. I had to turn on Elmo to get him to hold still for small bits of time. Long enough for me to make a few snips here and there. He was getting kinda girly looking with his blonde curls. People were mistaking him for a girl. Not cool. So they had to go. And yes, I saved the dear little curls.

(you like this apron? i totally made that. heck yeah)
For his birthday there was not much of anything planned. I made a cute fabric banner for the occasion. It said, "Happy Birthday" of course.

I also got some balloons. Ronan loves balloons. I mean LOVES them, so I got a few and snuck them into the living room the night before his birthday. When he got up the next morning he was thrilled to see them. He made a tiny little "O" with his lips and sighed a big "ooohhhh" sound. He does that whenever he thinks something is really neat.

We had planned to go to my Aunt Hillary's house to work on my cousin Mari's wedding center pieces on Ronan's birthday. I made cupcakes and brought hats. The cozy Barksdales suprised us with a little party for Ronan. We had Nemo cupcakes and Nemo hats. And yes, I came up with the Nemo cupcakes all by myself. Go me. Getting crafty!

Ronan ate his cupcake like a champ. When he was done I had to strip him down to his onesie for the rest of the visit. He was covered in orange frosting.

It was hard because Daddy was out of town for the big day. We missed him, like we do everyday. He will be back soon, and I can't wait.

Ronan got a little wooden rocking chair from Momma and Daddy. He loves to sit in it and drink milk out of his big boy sippy cup. He got a ton of cozy things from his family. Lots of fun toys and clothes. Thanks to everybody!

Happy Birthday to my favorite guy in the entire world. I love you Ronan.

4 people had this to say...:

Anonymous said...

My kids need a mom like you. I love the nemo cupcakes and the new blog look.

Rachel said...

You are nice. But I only have one. Not four. So I am sure the novelty of all this will wear off, or I just plain wont have the time by the time I am chasing four wild ones. :)

Merrill family said...

Hey i just made a super cute b-day banner too. I love craftyness, can I have an apron please!

Violet said...

Ahh! I look away for one moment and you blog like a mad woman! :D AWESOME!

I love those cupcakes.. and the bangs! You look hot with bangs!

Happy Birthday to little Ro-Ro. :D