Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gotta Change the Top Post

I can't leave that terrible, scary picture at the top of the blog. So here is one from yesterday of Ronan and his Uncle Dave, Cousins Sarah and Ella.

Sarah and Ronan are a couple of months apart, Sarah being the eldest of the two. These girls are adorable.

You can't tell from his expression in this picture but Ronan was diggin' Uncle Dave. He likes to hang out with a dude once in a while.

I am still not sure why Ella and Ronan look like something shockingly serious was just said. Oh well at least Dave and Sarah look like they are having fun.

*Post Script.
This has got to be one of very few pictures on this blog that show people other than Ronan. Well, I guess it should happen once in a while right?

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